Richard Dennis Souther

A lifetime of research and compiling of data was spent by Richard with the ultimate goal of publishing his final edition of the Souther Families. Many more letters and emails were written and phone calls made since his last edition in an attempt to complete so many of the family tree's branches. His dedication to accuracy was evident and should be appreciated by all who read and use his results.

Richard had a passion for genealogy and was the sole reason I ever became involved in the same work for my family and I try to adhere to his dedication to accuracy.

Richard made many, many friends along the way and some of his last comments were that he did not want to disappoint all those who were waiting for his final edition. Unfortunately Richard did not live long enough to reach his goal. He requested my help near the end and I have attempted to 'finish' his work without changing much. I did add a few vitals and of course his own obituary. Other than those changes this is his work.

Enjoy and appreciate his efforts to further the knowledge of the Souther Families to future generations.

Carolyn J. Marks
Quincy, MA